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My company has other problems that do not fall into the above categories.
Description of the problem
Do you find it hard to maintain smooth business operation because of some "I do not want to know" technical problems?

Spending time and resources on IT related problems is a distraction if your company is trying to focus on what it does the best - generating revenue. What do you do to cast away these distractions?
Our Solution
For companies that do not maintain an active IT department, PCStructure offers this contract-based and as needed service to assist our clients with specific technical needs such as company network connection or the usual desktop maintenance and support. For a minimal fee, our clients will receive high standard technical support and they will be able to concentrate on business operations rather than technology related issues.

Implementation and Troubleshooting of Intranet Infrastructure and Internet Connection
Our team has extensive knowledge in designing company Intranet infrastructure either using NT, NOVELL, or Unix-Linux based systems. The first step is to survey the data-sharing pattern in order to determine what type of network is required to ensure consistent service. We will then assist our clients to make necessary technical purchases and finally implement the system with wiring.

System and Desktop support
Sadly, as efficient as the computer makes the business operation, there will also be problems as long as a computer exists in the company. PCStructure offers a low minimum service contract to rescue business owners who do not wish to undergo the technical frustration ever again. May it be a small printing problem or a blue screen on Windows, PCStructure's service team has more than 10 years of experience in solving computer-related difficulties. Our service goal is to limit business owners' frustration to a simple request for a PCStructure client support visit.

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