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Information is de-centralized and unorganized. One simple thing you need and it requires your employees to use 3 softwares plus shuffling through the paper documents.
Description of the problem
Have you found your employees struggling to combine records and numbers from sales department and inventory department just to come up a statistics report you need?

May it be monthly sales report or just a client order history record. If it requires your employees to go through piles of documents or using Excel, Word, and some "management" softwares on top of Texas Instrument calculator, your company is wasting precious human resources every time this simple thing is needed.
Our Solution
Design, Development, and Implementation of a Corporate Information System

With this service, PCStructure development team will act as the client's virtual IT department. The team's goal is to develop a stable (99.9% uptime), efficient, and expandable information system according to client's information flow needs. The design may also be incorporated with Web technology to make the system available to the traveling end-users or working-from-home employees through company's Internet access. The design will be tailored to meet each company's specs and suitable technology will be chosen to accommodate different business nature such as POS(Point of Sale) system against a simple record database system. This type of service may include vertical system implementation in which the system will act as a HOST to accept and exchange information with the company's own clients. For example, our client could be a wholesaler and accepts orders from the clients electronically via the HOST system. The following are three implementation options.

Client-side Outsourcing Option
The system, both the front-end GUI (graphical user interface) and back-end database, will reside on client's Intranet infrastructure. Depends on the network's Internet connectivity, the system may or may not be accessible outside the Intranet. The maintenance will be carried out on site by PCStructure client support specialist and system's backup will be performed by automated server routines. The response time is set to be within 24 hours.

Remotely Administered with Central Database Option
Under this option, PCStructure will act as an Application Service Provider (ASP) and the system implementation will be entirely located at PCStructure's corporate server farm instead of the client's Intranet. The clients' desktops will access the information system through secured Internet connection anytime and from any place. This option offers the most reliable and shortest system down-time solution as the geographical factor allows PCStructure client supports to respond to problems immediately. Additionally, the system will be constantly under PCStructure's client support specialists' frequent monitoring and clients do not have to perform system backup. Overall, the client-side system maintenance will be kept at the minimum.

Remote system with Client-side Database Hybrid Design Option
This option offers the securest data control for clients who wish to keep the data within the company Intranet and yet not to miss PCStructure's immediate attention to system related issues. A secured connection between database and front-end system will be established to enable this option. This option is best suitable for medical offices that are required by law not to disclose any data and still need a reliable and low maintenance system to carry out daily processes.

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