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Manual Tasks are too time consuming and they are the bottleneck of employee efficiency.
Description of the problem
Do you find your employees getting frustrated and staring at every character on the screen? Do you find that your employees "HAVE" to report to work because they perform certain mysterious manual processes to keep the normal operation going?

Your Business seems to be performing a lot of manual and time-consuming tasks on or off computers and these tasks take up a big chunk of your employee's time. Example: Any format of data processing such as data conversion or manual input into the database.
Our Solution
Very often a company's total daily working capability has been used on repetitive routine tasks. These repetitive routine tasks have some characteristics in common: time-consuming, frustrating, sometimes even mindless and yet mission critical to the company. If these routine tasks can be handled more efficiently, a huge portion of working capability could be redirected to other income generating areas and thus create overall increase in profits. This is where PCStructure will step in and assist our clients to achieve this goal of using productive alternative methods to handle routine tasks. PCStructure will correct the inefficiency in business operation or data processing by automating the process with the following two solutions.

Automated Solutions for Manual Processes
This solution is most suitable for manual tasks such as formatting data fields obtained from one program or process in order for the next program or process to utilize. Using scripting techniques and PCStructure's proprietary standalone applications, we will help our clients to turn hours of work into a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. Our scripts and programs will mimic human activities, process the data with the speed of light, and return the required results in the correct and useful format. Furthermore, this solution is not limited to currently existing manual processes. The technology PCStructure uses can also simplify the way of using existing software by linking them to work together automatically and actively instead of being passively called upon by the users' commands.

Scheduled Tasks
Many tasks are daily routines such as backing up the system or running a report. PCStructure will assist clients to set up such a scheduled task list to get rid of the cumbersome procedures of running the same processes daily. PCStructure will also implement a monitoring mechanism that will automatically report to the users in the case of failure to complete a schedule task. This will greatly improve an office operation's efficiency.

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