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The traditional business model is key to the success of B2B solution, which is a common mistake by many companies who rush to put a presence on the web and forget to develop the technology around its existing business model. PCStruture takes the time to understand the business model to create a customized B2B solution to fit your business needs.

With the detailed understanding of the business model, PCStructure uses the latest technology to integrate all systems to create one interface to deal with different functions of the company. At the same time, it provides a standard way of exchanging data (invoices and purchase orders) with unrelated companies. With such a standard in place, the mistakes generated in the extra steps by human error are eliminated.
Service Package
  • Business Web Presence Design
  • Secure Transaction Mechanism(Purchase Order & Invoice)
  • Product and Service Database
  • Reporting Utilities

  • Optional Related Services
  • Business Intranet/Internet Infrastructure Design
  • Industry Vertical System Setup
    (make service available to you and your clients)
  • Web Hosting

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