An Introduction of PCStructure

PCStructure.Com Corp. is a new company that was started in 2001. A group of gradudate school students and working professionals had the idea and dream of starting their own consulting business to provide dependable and cost-efficient IT solutions to small to mid-size businesses.

Our focus is initially on CT-NJ-NY regional businesses and professional service providers. Potential clients may include competing firms that subcontract PCStructure with business projects.

Mission Statement

PCStructure combines our knowledge of the industry and technological expertise to offer you a reliable, effective and cost-efficient alternative to in-house information technology development. When off-the-shelf products do not fill your need, PCStructure fills the gaps by providing you with a complete customized business system from planning to IT support. We aim to reduce our clients' IT spending and risk to within affordable and acceptable limits, while ensuring their companies to receive consistent and value-added IT support. Our goal is to improve clients' operation efficiency through the solutions developed by our highly experienced and skilled consulting team. We provide solutions that fulfill the promise - reliable, efficient, and cost-effective information systems and IT support.

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